EENDAG movie 2

With the help of Grandfather Barend Sweefarend's old writings, Kevin discovers that there are underground portals under his house. Kevin decides to go through one of them, leading to a parallel reality in which he builds a submarine.

Super Robot Wars 30 (English) for Nintendo™ Switch (SW) & PS4

The latest home console title of "Super Robot," celebrating its 30th anniversary! Super Robot Wars is a simulation RPG where robots of various animations come together to fight against a common enemy. In this original story, robots from various animations such as " "Mazinger Z: Infinity," "Super Electromagnetic Robot Combattler V," "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam," and "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection" transcend the boundaries of their works and assemble in one place.


Explore the Kaokoveld in Namibia. We go down the scary Van Zyl's Pass and scale the Joubert's Pass, take a boat ride down the Kunene river, and drink in the beauty of the Marienfluss.

CHOPIN NOCTURNE in E flat maj., opus 9 no. 2

Jandalien Lessé performs Nocturne in E flat maj., opus 9 no. 2, by Frederic Chopin.

Van Zyl's Pass

Our travelers arrive at Van Zyl's Pass campsite, which doesn't have running water or toilet fascilities. Next day it's time to tame the Van Zyl's Pass itself, regarded as quite an achievement by those who put their stones down at the bottom of it afterwards. We also have a quick lookaround at Okahirongo Lodge, an expensive, luxury resort in the wilderness.

MIAULI: Sandcastle Competition!

There's a sandcastle building competition going on on the beach, and Miauli and Veertjies want to win the prize of a visit to the aquarium. But, oh dear, they built their sandcastle far too close to the seashore, and the waves wash their castle away...

CONNEX Slim Book laptop computer product exploration

In this Product Exploration video we explore the CONNEX Slim Book laptop computer 14" Intel Atom Quad Core.

BONA BONA game reserve lions & predators feeding day

Janda Walters flies over to Bona Bona Game Farm where we watch the lions, cheetahs, tierboskatte, tigers, hyenas and leopards get fed.

CONNEX SWIFT BOOK Laptop Computer product exploration

Exploring as a consumer the SWIFT book computer by Connex. This one is bundled with a 500 GB hard disk drive, and a Volcano backpack. Cool!

CONNEX Slim Book, CONNEX Swift Book laptops Reviews

It's been almost 2 years since I bought these two laptops and I can now do a consumer review on what it is like over the long term to use these computers. I have seen very negative reviews online with people who have had nightmare experiences. How has my experiences been with these two Connex computers?

MIAULI: How to bake pancakes

It's rainy weather and that means it's time for pancakes! Uncle Woef who has been responsible for the catering at the Music Island concert practice, has a recipe book and he teaches Miauli how to bake pancakes. Delicious!

DriBuddi hot air clothes dryer review: Will this replace my tumble dryer and washline?

Bennet & Read's Dribuddi is basically a sailed-in bubble into which hot air is blown, in order to blow-dry your laundry inside the bubble. Well I've had my Dribuddi for a while now, so what can I say about the user experience? I have some positive things to say but there are some issues one has to take into account if one is considering purchasing one of these.

EENDAG movie 1

People start disappearing and acting very strangely and criminally in the area of Leeukopkraal, where Kevin Sweefarend and his family live. Kevin is a young robot designer who dreams of helping mankind live better lives with his robotic helpers.


Waffie and his master Marcool visit a restaurant to grab a bite to eat, but the food is terrible. When the waitress throws Waffie out of the place for dogs not being allowed, Marcool asks her why she'd be selling them dog food then!

KAMONANDE Game Farm & Wildlife Reserve, Limpopo South Africa - Janda Walters' Travel Journal

We visit Kamonande Game Farm and Wildlife Reserve, where we view beautiful game. We also visit Jan Vleis' Butchery, as well as Die Koekblik, located in Vaalwater. An unforgettable vacationette!

BUSHBABY BUTANE CAMPING STOVE portable gas burner: Really useful 4 cooking, demonstrations & travel

I bought myself another one of these portable butane stoves because these really come in handy for experiments involving needing a flame or heat, or for cooking demonstration videos or actual cooking in the kitchen, and of course picnics or camping when you want to fry eggs or boil water. Most useful item I must say.


Aliens have landed and they abduct Goldwyn Phishee. Slobbies watches a documentary on TV about alien encounters, and from then on he's terrified that he's going to be visited by aliens himself. And lo and behold, it happens!

PANTUM P2200 Mono Laser Printer: Fast printer 20 pages per minute, Processor 600MHz, Memory 64MB

Today I install my PANTUM P2200 grey printing printer, It comes bundled at Checkers Hyper with a WD Western Digital 1.5TB Hard Drive. Prints rather fast, much faster than previous printers I've had. I think I'm going to like it.

Movie Night: INTERNATIONAL TREASURE (full movie)

It's movie night everybody! And our movie for tonight is INTERNATIONAL TREASURE. It's about an English chick who inherits a treasure map and goes searching for the treasure in Africa. There she meets Brian, a gadget inventor who can help her, but soon they find out some other treasure hunting team is also hot on the trail of her treasure, and they are ruthless people who don't mind playing dirty to make sure they're the ones to get it. Truly a gem of a movie!

Waterproof Stain-Resistant Outdoor Sun Protection Clothing Ice Silk Breathable Summer Sports Jacket Quick-Drying Jacket

The jacket is made of a very light material that adapts well to the body. It is breathable, reasonably windproof and very well suited for activities in spring, summer and early autumn. As promised, it keeps water off and temperatures the body out. The jacket is dried very quickly.


-Ice silk breathable and comfortable.

-Water and stain resistant, quick-drying fabric.

-Sun protection design, outdoor travel is not afraid of the sun.

What retro games are included on the TITAN PIXEL 8 Anbernic RETRO PORTABLE GAME STATION?

There are 520 games on the PIXEL 8 retro gaming console, but they are not stated on the packaging. Fear not, for we shall list them all for you in this video. Features of unit: 520 Games In One. TV compatibility. Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. Digital Retro gaming console. Includes USB cable. 6 hours battery life. Slim and portable. Backlit screen.

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